Cobot Doosan

Doosan Cobots are excellent collaborative robots Industry 4.0 field

They allow you to view the status of the Cobot in real time and to manage both internal parameters and production variables at the same time for more than one Cobot, as well as the digital I/O

A-SERIES [Almighty]

The A-Series Cobots are ideal for entering industry 4.0 with collaborative robots: economical, fast and precise, they perform simple and rapid work cycles, being able to add a force sensor as an accessory to execute delicate tasks

H-SERIES [High-power]

The Doosan Cobot H Series boasts the highest payload among the Cobots, equal to 25 Kg. It does not allow compromises on safety, guaranteed in an excellent way by six torque sensors, for maximum sensitivity even with the maximum payload of 25 kg. Half weight compared to cobots for high payload on the market, it also has the characteristics of being installed or repositioned more easily and taking up less space

M-SERIES [Masterpiece]

Complex work cycles, maximum safety and sensitivity to collisions are peculiarities of the M series, where the combination of the six torque sensors with a high technology control allows to manage work cycles with constant precision and repeatability, suitable for complex and delicate processing.

Collaborative applications

The perfect combination of economy, safety and payload, makes the Doosan Cobots the ideal solution to increase productivity exponentially, completing the problem solving ability given by human ingenuity with the speed and precision of execution typical of collaborative robots

Examples of collaborative applications

Search among all the videos of Doosan collaborative robots, operating a multitude of industrial sectors, the collaborative application that more fits your needs

Find the collaborative robot that fits your needs

The concept of Industry 4.0, where factories are equipped with a sort of artificial intelligence, follows the need to keep up with globalization. The daily scenario is therefore linked to an increase in demand and ever-increasing quality standards, with costs and delivery times in continuous reduction. This is possible and facilitated by new generation systems, which are equipped with their own sensors to promote autonomy in data processing capacity, and are aimed at enslave other systems or cooperate with the user

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