Design of electrical panels and industrial automation systems

Proxicad has a technical office that handles the design of electrical panels and industrial automation systems. The company designs both the basic hardware and software components that make up an automation system with technologically advanced quality tools.

Industrial automation hardware

  • wiring diagrams
  • bill of materials
  • material supplies
  • electrical cabinet
  • machine board wiring

Software for industrial automation

  • software plc
  • cnc software
  • hmi software, panel pc, scada
  • software motion control
  • web server software

How we operate

Productivity and safety are key design points. The projects are developed and carried out in full compliance with the regulations in force, in compliance with the directive on machinery and community directives.

The wiring diagrams are made with software packages based on the Autodesk standard (dwg-dxf); for a simple consultation they can be supplied in pdf format. The symbology used in the wiring diagrams is the standard one and reported in the legend.

The control and interface software developed are structured, modular, flexible and easily updated. Thanks to the acquired experience, Automac is able to create particularly accurate man-machine interfaces that guarantee easy use and rapid diagnosis of the automatic system.

Process supervision is developed with particular attention to the integration with production management and to data historicization through reports, databases, graphs, etc.

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