Proxicad srl has for years had a structure of internal resources dedicated to research and development, composed of highly qualified technicians and engineers.

The internal pool of specialized researchers and engineers is supported by technical personnel who have produced excellent results through continuous research, innovation and development.

Proxicad is currently conducting three research and development projects.


In a joint project, built and presented by the Abruzzo company Proxicad Srl and by the Department of Engineering and Geology of “G. D’Annunzio di Chieti – Pescara” university, it proposes to theorize, design, develop and produce metal products designed using geometric optimization techniques and implementing advanced additive manufacturing processes (AM).

Aeraulic Plants

Technological systems Proxicad Srl conducted research and development activities in 2018 to develop and acquire new knowledge in the computerized design of dust extraction systems, in particular for the maintenance of cellulose plants.

The requirement derives in particular from the fact that so far there is no real project of such systems: it has always been implemented empirically and spanometrically. On the other hand, the correct sizing and balancing of the exhaust systems is more important than ever in terms of health and safety at work and in terms of energy saving.

Virtual reality

Proxicad Srl has conducted research and development activities in 2017 to develop and acquire new knowledge on virtual reality. Virtual reality provides a powerful design tool with its “immersive environments” and expands the most advanced conventional tools (CAD, CAM, CAE) with impossible possibilities.

This report describes the progress we have made in implementing and implementing this technology, the state of the art and the new way of designing products, from conception to installation and maintenance.